Hey, Mama! I’m so excited you stopped by to learn more about me.

My goal for Mommy Imagines is to teach moms how to manage motherhood, their dreams, and their sanity with detailed articles, beautiful printables, and helpful resources.

I want to inspire and motivate you to follow your dreams fearlessly and reduce overwhelm in your day-to-day.

I know what it is like to go through every day feeling overwhelmed and overworked. I was just surviving the day and I had nothing to show for it. Being a stay-at-home mom, I loved spending so much time with my son, but I still felt like I was missing something. I felt like I was putting my personal dreams aside and just waiting for life to calm down before I could pick them back up again. I’d tell myself that I didn’t have time for myself and that I was selfish if I didn’t spend every minute being a perfect housewife and mom.

I was wrong!

I have found time for myself, time for my dreams, and time for my son. Now don’t get me wrong, my life is in no way perfect. Somedays I still feel stressed. I still don’t have unlimited time. My house is sometimes a mess. But I’m learning and living and hoping you will join me on my journey.

I created Mommy Imagines as a destination for moms with imagination.

You are in the right place if you are a daydreaming, loving, and sensitive mom with goals and aspirations but don’t think you have the time or the opportunity to pursue them.

This is a site designed to help lift you up, get your creativity flowing, and simplify your life. I am here to guide you into a world where you are a more put-together mom and a happier woman. A place where there is time for family and time for yourself. A world where dreams can come true with a dash of patience and a can of elbow grease.

Life as a mom is messy and hard and surprising, but I’ll be by your side as we navigate through this crazy journey and come out happier on the other side together.

About Me

My grandma called me Mandy. My dad calls me Manda Panda. You can call me anything short of a four-letter word. (Little ears are always listening.)

I was born and raised in the midwest, with a brief detour in Texas while my dad pursued a career in the Army. Illinois is my home, but I’ve only been to Chicago a handful of times. (I really hate traffic.)

My backyard is a cornfield and the closest Walmart is over 30 miles away.

I never thought it was possible to survive on one income until I became a full-time mom. Now through my stay-at-home mom journey, I have found my dream job online. I’m a former nursing student, dental technician, and lifelong caregiver.

I’m a total dreamer and love the potential that the future offers. I appreciate both beautiful and unusual things. And I’ve always been in love with the magic of creating. Writing, drawing, cooking, and designing feed my soul. It makes me feel like I matter just a little in this crazy world.

I love meeting new, interesting people, but I’m not a fan of crowds. I’m the friend you call when you want to grab a cup of coffee and talk about your problems or your aspirations. I love talking shop with other moms and other bloggers. They are simply the best kinds of people.

My Family

I have a super cute (I may be a bit biased) little boy who we named Kai. He is a ball of unlimited energy and curiosity with no “off” switch. He is loud and sweet and the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Fun Facts

  • I love fashion but hate shopping for clothes
  • When I was 9, I started a pet-sitting business with homemade business cards and a website made with HTML.
  • I love starting home improvement projects so much that most of them never get finished

Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog. You are the reason I do what I do.

If you ever need anything or just want to chat, connect with me on Facebook.

I would love to get to know you better too.


XO, Amanda