Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boys

My son’s first birthday was a bittersweet day. My little one was becoming a toddler. His fiery personality was starting to show through and he was getting more independent every day. With a newfound curiosity, it was hard to find the perfect gift. We had tons of toys that only kept his attention for a minute before my son was on to the next adventure. So to help save you time and money I have rounded up a list of rigorously tested and approved toys for 1 year old boys.

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Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boys

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Matching and Stacking Toys for 1 Year Old Boys

Matching and stacking toys are awesome for hand-eye coordination, encouraging discovery, and open-ended play.

  1. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack – This is THE classic stacking toy, but it’s still around for a reason. My son spends a lot of time trying to stack the rings just right. Plus it’s helping me teach him colors. He loves the top ring the most though because it has beads that rattle, so sometimes he just plays with that.
  2. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks – Another classic! My son is can’t get all the shapes in the right spots (he’s 18 months now), but he loves that he can remember where the blue circles go now. I really enjoy watching him focus and learn new skills in a measurable way.
  3. Melissa & Doug Farm Wooden Chunky Puzzle – Kai’s uncle gave him this puzzle for his birthday and I was a bit skeptical at first, but I have totally changed my mind on this toy. He not only loves when he gets the animals in the right spot, but I congratulate him with the sound each animal makes when he get it right. (Except I just clap with the barn. What sound does a barn make?)
  4. Mega Bloks John Deere Dump Truck – Kai has a bag of Mega Bloks and they are great, but this toy is awesome. He pushes it across the floor. Dumping the blocks on the floor. The driver is removable and he likes taking him out and playing with him too. Plus it all goes back in the dump truck when he’s done. Oh yeah, and he can build things with the blocks too.



Moving and Grooving Toys for 1 Year Old Boys

Active and musical toys are super fun for little ones and get them up and moving. These are so versatile that they won’t be outgrown too quickly.

  1. Fisher-Price Stride-To-Ride Lion – This is one of Kai’s most loved toys. Before he was cruising, he loved bopping the lion’s nose and hearing the lion laugh. It was the toy he used most when he started walking and now he still loves to push it around. His legs aren’t quite long enough to ride the lion yet, so it should last him for a while longer too.
  2. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker – This was an awesome learn-to-walk toy, bu it was also really nice before he started walking because the face of the toy is removable and can be laid on the floor for tummy time too. Now that Kai is walking, he still loves to play the piano and he’s always “calling Grandma” on the phone.
  3. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center – Isn’t this the cutest toy? My husband and I were both very active kids. And I’m hoping Kai will be just as excited about sports as we were. So far, he is a very rough and tumble little guy, so this toy is right up his alley.
  4. Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone – This is a great toy for both encouraging music and creativity and also to pull around the house and trip the dog. My little guy loves to do both frequently.



Outdoor Fun Toys for 1 Year Old Boys

Spending time outside is great for one-year-olds to burn off some crazy energy. My son loves water and he often tries to climb on his tricycle by himself. He also loves rocks and dirt, but I don’t recommend giving those as gifts.

  1. Little Tikes 4-in-1 Ride On, Neon Blue, Deluxe Edition – I love how versatile this trike is. I took me some time to put together, but this is the first thing Kai runs to when we leave the house. He is still not able to reach the peddles, but it’s worked well for us so far.
  2. Step2 Big Splash Waterpark – This is great for days when it is too cool to hop in the pool. Toddlers can explore playing in the water and have a blast with all the cups and water features.
  3. Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox – The best thing about this sandbox is that it has a cover to keep rain and cats out of the sand. Nothing worse than a toddler excited to play in his sandbox and finding treats left by the neighbor’s cat.
  4. Step2 Play and Shade Pool – We tried a larger inflatable pool at the beginning of summer and it was horrible. We had to drain it after every use and it wasted a TON of water and flooded our yard. It also had a thin floor that was uncomfortable to walk on and eventually sprung a leak. This pool is what we should have bought originally. It is made of lightweight plastic that is easy to move, but not so light that it will blow away and the umbrella is awesome for my fair-skinned kiddo. Save yourself the money and just get this pool.

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Pretend Play Toys for 1 Year Old Boys


One-year-olds love to imitate grown-ups. In order to save your cell phone or remote from drops or bite marks, it’s a good idea to give your little monkey a toddler proof version of the real thing.

  1. VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone – Is your child as obsessed with your phone? I know mine is! This phone is a lot more durable than mine. It has been dropped, chewed on, thrown, and man-handled and it still works. I can’t say that about my cell phone.
  2. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote – My son’s favorite “adult” toy is definitely the remotes. My remotes are not rated for toddler torture, but thankfully this one is. Yippee.
  3. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spinning Spiral Tower Playset – This is seriously my son’s favorite toy. He received this as a gift and he is obsessed. He would go to bed with these cars if I didn’t think he would stay up all night playing with them.
  4. Little Tikes DiscoverSounds Hammer – This is a fun little toy. I take my son around and find imaginary nails for him to hammer and he feels so proud of himself doing “big boy work.”



Rockstar Reads for 1 Year Old Boys

Not only does reading give your son a good start towards a lifelong love of reading, it helps him learn new words and concepts. My kiddo loves to turn the pages and look at the pictures even when I’m not reading to him. Because many toddlers are teething and generally rough with things, I prefer sturdier board books. These are my toddler’s current favorites.

  1. Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? A Lift-the-Flap Book – The only negative consequence of this book is my son is always showing off his belly button when he wants me to read it. HaHa.
  2. First 100 Words – This is great for young children who are learning to talk. It is also great for memorization and early reading.
  3. Guess How Much I Love You – Our favorite book ever. My son already knows this book by heart and follows along with the story, pointing to his toes or hopping, then kissing me goodnight. Melts my heart.
  4. Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book – This book is so much fun. Toddlers love books they can interact with and this is one the best I have found. Two thumbs up.

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So there you have it. Our list of the best toys for 1-year-old boys. When my son isn’t playing with empty toilet paper rolls, plastic cups, or singing birthday cards, these are the toys my son loves most. I hope your little boy enjoys them as much as mine.

XO, Amanda


Now, it’s your turn. I’m always looking for ideas for new toys.

What is your toddler’s #1 favorite toy?


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